A Mano Designs 

Why be like everyone else, when you can be yourself? This has been my motto pretty much all my life. At times it helped me to stand out, other times...not so popular. Yet, I've always been true to me, and who I am, and what I believe.

From childhood, I have always created. I'd spend hours, days, sometimes months making things and then give them away as gifts. It made me truly happy to know that what I made brought a smile to another person.

I suppose you never really move that far away from your roots. I create when I'm inspired... I enjoy the process and wonder of unlimited possibilities and outcomes.

Music is my constant. My one thing that can always turn my day around, comfort me when I'm sad, relax me when I'm tense and pump me up when I'm low. You can be sure music was playing during the creation of each and every one of my pieces!

My hope, is that I can make something for you that makes you smile, and helps you define who you are, so you can be yourself...

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